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Should I Do Interior Painting Before Move In?

March 14, 2017by adminBlog

Posted by House & Condo Painters

Moving to a new house, condo, or apartment this summer? Before filling your home with furnishings, there’s something you might want to do first: interior painting. Experts of every stripe – from realtors to authorities on painting — say that one of the very best times to do interior painting is just before moving into a new home.

Here are five reasons why a paint brush might be your most handy tool!

1.It’s easy now.

Interior painting is a very simple project – and not at all physically demanding — when you can move freely within a room. Why wait till later when you may have to move heavy furniture from side to side, or work around big items, to do your painting?

2.It saves time.

Painting can take a lot longer when you have to cover and uncover things, move them back and forth, and take down and re-hang artwork. It’s better to paint just before moving and short-circuit these time-consuming and unproductive steps.

3.It can save you money – lots of it.

If you’re using a professional painting contractor, he or she can complete the work far faster in rooms that are empty. That’s extremely important, since time charges for labor typically account for 80% of the cost of painting.

4.It safeguards your furnishings.

No matter how carefully you or your contractor work, there is always the chance of a paint spill, or a few stray flecks finding their way onto a prized possession. Painting before bringing in your furnishings keeps these items out of harm’s way.

5.It can simplify interior decorating.

Don’t yet have your furnishings? There’s no better way to set the stage for your decor than by adding a fresh paint color scheme before decorating. Doing so greatly simplifies the selection of new furniture, carpeting, and accents, allowing you to choose just the right tints, tones, and shades to make your new home picture perfect.

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to think about painting even before you move into your new abode.

House & Condo Painters is the perfect choice for your home painting. We use Eco-friendly paints to add color to your home. Get in touch with us for interior home painting services.

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Tips for Painting Children’s Rooms When You Do House & Condo Painting

March 7, 2017by adminBlog

Posted by House & Condo Painters


Painting your child’s room can sound like a lot of fun; however, there are many things that go into creating a great children’s room when you do house painting.

The multitude of colors available can be overwhelming and house painting is not only about applying the paint, there’s also a lot of preparation work that needs to be done to get a good result.

 Here are a few things you might like to take into account before starting to paint a child’s room.

1.Babies & young children

Newborn and small babies only have black and white vision. So from their point of view, it doesn’t matter what color you choose!

Select colors that you like, that are soothing and restful to you. With very young children it is you will be you looking at the walls as you try to get them to feed, or sleep or stop crying!

2. Color choices

Different colors have different effects on people:

  • Orange promotes a feeling of comfort and well-being, and green is calming, nurturing and enhances concentration.
  • Lavenders, lilacs and pinks are also calming; while brown helps grounding and all of these are great nursery colors.
  • Red is passionate and emotional, and yellow, while cheerful and energizing can be agitating in babies, and both should be used with caution and only as accent colors.
  • Blue is healing and cooling and while grey promotes thought, it can also cause sadness
  • White is hard to clean and can promote secretiveness, while black is dominant and powerful, and both should be used sparingly

3. Ask your child

Older children can be involved in the choice of colors and decoration of their room. However don’t be tempted to allow free range, but do include their choices of colors at least in small doses!

4. Color that grow

Unless you want to repaint regularly, consider choosing colors that will grow with your child. Neutral wall shades with one wall of a more intense color and contrasting woodwork can be transformed easily.

5.Choose Professional Painters

Painting requires preparation and patience to achieve a good finish so be prepared for sanding, filling, cleaning, we suggest that get a professional house painting service in.

House & Condo Painters is the perfect choice for painting kids’ room beautifully. We use Eco-friendly paints to add color to your home. Get in touch with us for interior home painting as well as exterior home painting services.

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Why Painting Condo Is Essential To You When Selling It?

March 6, 2017by adminBlog

Posted by House & Condo Painters


If your condo has not been painted for a while and you are thinking of putting it up for sale, you should seriously consider to do the painting condo again. Here are 3 reasons why painting condo is essential to you when you sell it?.

1.Least Expensive Way to Get a Great Look

Painting is by far the most cost effective and easiest way of giving Mississauga condos a fresh look.  If you do it right, the money you invest in painting will go a long way in helping to sell your condo for more and in less time.

2.Less Reason to Negotiate on Price

If your home is painted in dark or bright colors, or if the walls are in desperate need of being repainted but you did not bother getting it done, a prospective buyer will use this as a starting point to negotiate down your selling price.  The rationale behind a buyer asking for a lower price on the home is due to their needing to invest time and money into repainting the condo before moving in.

3.Allows Buyers to Emotionally Connect to Your Condo

When painting your condo, it is important to select neutral colors that are both inviting and relaxing to the eye. It is important to take your time while considering the various types of emotions or moods that paint colors can evoke.  You want to select the right colors that will allow buyers to emotionally connect to your condo and help them visualize themselves living there!

House & Condo Painters is the perfect choice for painting your condo beautifully. We use Eco-friendly paints to add color to your condo. Get in touch with us for interior home painting services. Call us (647)-222-7393 today!


Should I Buy The Paint Before My Painting Contractor Arrives?

March 5, 2017by adminBlog

Posted by House & Condo Painters


1.Start the prep and paint process as soon as arrival time

An Estimator’s job is to assess the amount of work to be performed and by how many crew members but more importantly how much time he estimates it would take to complete the job. In order to complete your painting project in a timely manner the more pieces of the puzzle are there, the more efficient everything moves along. Having the paint ready ensures that there will be no unnecessary trips to your local paint store; this saves time for your contractor and therefore the project can be completed sooner.

2.You know exactly what color(s)/sheen(s) you want used

Some of us have a great sense of color combination with textures and such while the rest of us need a little expert assistance in this area. Knowing exactly what will be used in sense of color, textures, and sheens for example, speed up the initial walk-thru. The confidence you show in these essential painting decisions, again moves the project completion sooner.


1.Your painting contractor knows the QUALITY of paint you need for your project

Paint is fascinating! Not only is it a beautiful finish to any kind of project, but also has other useful features such as protecting your wood. By sealing it from excessive moisture in the winter/wet season, you are taking precautions preventing costly repairs. Don’t replace it, paint it. For example, Resilience from Sherwin Williams is designed to develop resistance to moisture in just two hours rather than the four-hour minimum most other coatings require. It also carries a mildew resistant coating and a low temperature application down to 35°F.

2. Your contractor knows what sheen of paint to use in the different areas in your home

From the lowest sheen to the highest gloss, they each have a purpose and a place where they should belong.

Kitchens are better off with a very high gloss as they tend to be messier with grease, foods, and the day to day wear and tear. Ideally we want to be able to clean this and a high gloss allows you to do this with ease.

Bathrooms are also recommended to be painted with a very high gloss. Have you ever noticed spots on your bathroom ceiling? As the moisture trapped in your bathroom after multiple showers slowly accumulates it causes mildew build-up. This mildew build-up is then slowly breathed in and with any inhaled fungi, can cause respiratory infections.  Using a high gloss in a bathroom permits us to prevent mildew build-up by having these easily cleaning properties. The higher the sheen the better the walls are able to be cleaned.

On the other hand, we have flat paints and everything in between. Flat paints have more pigments which absorb more light helping them hide more imperfections on the walls. Flatter paints are usually used in hallways, bedrooms, family rooms and so on. Although they have a much more intense color they are close impossible to clean, touch ups would be the way to go if there were accidents, scuffs, or crayon drawings on walls.

3. No color consultation or color suggestions

As with the quantity and quality suggestions for your paint your contractor can give you, our contractors also specialize in determining the colors that will work with your lighting and your space as they drastically affect the end results of the final color. When in doubt, ask us now.

4. No contractor’s discount

Some may or may not know that your Painting Contractor probably has an account with your local paint store. Many contractors have multiple accounts open with different paint suppliers. This helps them but broaden their options to provide you with.

In all, there are many things to keep in mind to help make your painting experience as smooth and effective as possible but keep in mind that your House & Condo Painters Inc. is more than happy to and able to answer any questions that may arise.

House & Condo Painters is the perfect choice for painting your home beautifully. We use Eco-friendly paints to add color to your home. Get in touch with us for interior home painting as well as exterior home painting services.

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Garage Door Painting

March 4, 2017by adminBlog

Posted by House &Condo Painters


As long as it goes up and down on command, it’s easy to ignore your garage door painting. If your garage door is looking faint or the current paint coat is damaged, consider refinishing it and extending its lifespan. As an added benefit, a newly painted garage can make the whole house look better. Here are 6 trips to give you some ideas before you start to paint your garage door:

  • Weather:  The ideal temperature for painting is between 50 and 75 degrees, with low humidity and indirect sunlight. Moreover, make sure to select paint and primer (to promote adhesion and durability) appropriate for your particular garage door. But remember, if you want to put a lighter color over a darker one, you may require more than one coat.
  • Cleaning:  You have to clean the door before you paint it. Use a power washer on a low setting, or just scrub it with a sponge soaked in detergent and water. Make sure to wash away all the dirt and grime, and pay special attention to the bottom, since this is where most of the gunk builds up. Let the door dry completely before you start to paint.
  • Preparation:  Prepping the garage door ensures that paint will go on easily and hold up well. First of all, Use some professionals swear by specialty cleaning items, but if you don’t want to spend the extra money, just gives the door a hearty scrub with a soapy sponge. Secondly, put down drop cloths under the door and use painter’s tape to mark the boundaries of the area you intend to paint.

  • Prime: Prime is the important part before we start painting, using the same method as for priming: bottom to top, starting with the inner panels and working outward to the stiles. Now, step back to survey your work: If the surface appears to be completely covered, you’re finished! If there are uneven patches or spots where the old color shows through, apply a second coat—just let the first one dry for at least 24 hours before starting. Once done, remove the tape and let paint dry overnight before opening the door.
  •  Painting: You can do the topcoat on your garage door painting after 24 hours drying time. Use the oil exterior paint for going over an oil-based primer, and use a large brush to cut down overall painting time. Let the first coat to dry it first, and we can keep going next step.
  •  Second Coat Painting: The first coat needs to be completely dry before you apply a second. You may find that some parts of the door look a little patchy or blotchy but a solid application of the second coat should cure that and even out the coverage for a uniform appearance.

If you need an exterior paint job and you’re looking for professional painting contractors in Toronto or need great painting ideas for your garage door or any exterior painting service.

Please feel free to give House & Condo Painters a call on 647-222-7393 or e-mail at Please let us take care of your exterior Garage Door Painting needs and a free consultation about exterior painting ideas for your property.


It’s Time to Fresh Your Home Exterior Brick Painting

July 11, 2016by adminBlog

Posted by House & Condo Painters

Brick is one of the most popular choices for builders. But the cost of replacing or repairing brick can be huge when there’s damage, weathering, or when you want to change the color.

Consider brick painting  houses instead! There are several reasons to spruce up your brick exterior with a new paint job.

Curb Appeal

  • A fresh coat of paint will always increase your property value and curb appeal. Protect and Defend

Protect and Defend

  • Proper preparation is the key to a long-lasting, durable, and professional-looking brick painting job.
  • Properly applied paint will seal the brick and protect it against the effects of weather and age.
  • Painting your exterior bricks can even protect old brick from further weathering and crumbling, saving you money on costly repairs.
  • Painted brick is less likely to attract mold or damaging ivies and other climbing plants.

Painting Brick, Keeps Costs Low

  • Painted brick, no matter the color, is easier and cheaper to clean and maintain than porous untreated brick.
  • Painting the exterior brick of your home can be a less expensive face-lift compared to changing the siding or re-roofing your house, and still gives it a significantly updated

With brick houses getting older and older, the demand for brick painting is only increasing.

At House & Condo Painters, we have the experience and dedication to workmanship to look after all of your brick painting requirements. We offer consultations on color options and can advise you through all aspects of your exterior brick house painting project.

Please give us a call for FREE ESTIMATE (647)-222-7393

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Deck And Fence Staining:Protect Your Investment

June 20, 2016by adminBlog

Posted by House & Condo Painters

June 20,2016

In the GTA and surrounding communities, the homes have one thing in common, the weather and elements will affect the look and visual presentation of your deck and fences if it is not protected.

Without proper care, the beauty and value of your fence and deck can be tarnished by dirt, mold, failed coatings and other enemies.

Make a gray, wood fence or deck look new again.

Your newly installed deck and fence can add many years of beauty to your home if properly maintained. Keeping them in top condition ensures their structural integrity as well.

Protect your investment:

In order for your deck and fence to flourish, it is equally important to give it some tender loving care.

Most stains in the marketplace will protect your deck and fence from the obvious effects of weather; snow and rain can wreak havoc as they warp, and rot the wood boards. By staining and sealing your deck and or fence, you can extend its lifespan. Common knowledge is evident; when you take care of something, you will reap the rewards for many years to come. Take a look, do a quick inspection, if any boards are rotted and or cracked replace them for even better protection.

Save Money $$$:

Painting and staining your deck and fence is highly recommended and is more feasible than tearing down and rebuilding. In the process, you save a lot of dough!

Do yourself a favour, hire a professional:

If the staining and sealing of your deck and fence is not done properly, it will definitely peel and crack. Your efforts will be all for naught. The average homeowner has a busy, hectic schedule and or lifestyle, so take a load off and hire a skilled professional to ensure that the job is done right the first time. In the Greater Toronto Area one such company exists, House & Condo Painters Inc. is Toronto`s number one rated company for all your deck and fence needs.

Be the envy of your neighbors:

Little things can go a long way! Your deck and fence is an extension of your home. Small, practical cosmetic changes can boost the visual presentation and add a new twist on the overall curb appeal of your home. We all know that our homes are our castles so let`s treat them that way.

Add your own unique color and personality:

Is your fence and deck in need of some special attention and some tender loving care. Has it lost its colour sheen. A professionally stained and painted deck and fence can add visual interest to the occasional onlooker and it will surely make your property stand head and shoulders above the rest of your neighbors.

When it comes to deck and fence maintenance, it is best to call on a professional skilled technician. These days, everybody wants to be a “ do-it-yourselfer“. Sometimes we all just need a helping hand to ensure that it is done properly.

Now that spring is in full swing, the summer is soon approaching, the weather is beautiful, you`re itching to get back outside and enjoy your own private oasis and outdoor living space, then the obvious choice is to call House & Condo Painters (647)-222-7393, the number 1 rated painter in Toronto, to handle all your deck and fence staining and painting and maintenance needs. In the end, you and your neighbors will marvel at the final product.


Top 3 Advantages to Think about Exterior Painting of Your Home

May 20, 2016by adminBlog

Posted by House & Condo Painters


  • Increase Curb Appeal

Thinking about selling – or just want to impress your friends and neighbors by having the prettiest house on the block? Penny for penny, exterior painting is one of the most valuable makeovers your property can get. A welcoming home from the outside, painting can make your house look fresh, updated, and new. Did we mention, it could potentially add thousands of dollars to the value of your home too!


  • Protect your Investment


Exterior painting isn’t just about looking good. Painting the exterior of your house can actually help protect it from the effects of age and weather. A good-quality paint job, properly and professionally applied, can water-proof your brick, extend the life of your deck, and “Painting over Stained Wood and Gumwood” can seal the surface from being penetrated by the elements and even pests.


  • Save money in the long-run

As soon as you start to notice cracking or peeling in your exterior paint, it’s time to think about getting it fixed. Small signs of stress or wear can turn into huge problems if left untouched for too long.


House & Condo Painters is the perfect choice for painting your home beautifully. We use Eco-friendly paints to add color to your home. Get in touch with us for interior home painting as well as exterior home painting services. Call us (647)-222-7393 today!


Top 6 Advantages of Interior Painting of Your Property

April 13, 2016by adminBlog

Posted by House &Condo Painters


  •  Increases the Retail Value of your Home

A bright, fresh, contemporary interior painting can increase the value of your house, apartment, or condominium and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Can Cover Permanent Marks and Stains

You have scrubbed, you have sanded, you have yelled, but that mark on the wall in your living room, from moving the couch years ago, just won’t go away! Moving your wardrobe reminded you just how long it had been there and now you want it gone. Not to worry, we can help! Maybe you have a problem with removing smoke stains from walls or ceilings or there is discoloration or marks on your homes’ interior walls. Aside from tearing out the walls and replacing the drywall, a new interior painting is all you need to give your rooms’ new life.

  • Eco-friendly Painting means healthier, cleaner rooms

Interior painting can increase the quality of the air in your home by decreasing the amount of dirt, dust, and grime hanging around. Repainting your walls with low VOC paints can make breathing easier for everyone, especially children or those with asthma.

  • Interior Painting with minimal disruption and HUGE results!

Interior painting is one of the cheapest ways to remodel, but can have some of the biggest and most dramatic results. Use a bold, bright interior paint color to liven up a room or as accent walls, or use light paint colors to make a small room seems bigger. A fresh coat of paint can improve not only the condition of your walls but also your mood.

  • Lower Utility Bills

Keeping up regular maintenance on your house can save you big money in the long run, and that includes keeping your walls repaired and painted. A fresh coat of paint can protect your home from the wear of daily life. Did you know, interior painting keeps rooms cooler in the summer? This can reduce the strain on your air conditioner and subsequently, your utility bills.

  • Reduces water build-up and mold

Hot steamy showers can get water vapor to build up on the inside of your house or apartment. Water can seep into the walls and create the perfect nurturing environment for mold and other bacteria. Keep them sealed and waterproofed with a new coat of paint every few years, and your walls will thank you.

House & Condo Painters is the perfect choice for painting interior room beautifully. We use Eco-friendly paints to add color to your home. Get in touch with us for interior home painting as well as exterior home painting services. Feel free to call us (647)-222-7393!


Choosing The Right Painting Contractor

March 21, 2016by adminBlog

Posted by House & Condo Painters


Deciding which painting contractor to paint your home can be as complicated as choosing what color to paint it, or at times it can be even more challenging than that? There are many factors to consider before making the first call and a few others after you’ve met with the estimator. Here’s a short list of what to expect and how to choose the right painting contractor for your painting needs.

  • Ask yourself what you are looking for

What is more important to you: Quality or price? If you are like most homeowners, you might say both but quality comes first – most people are willing to spend a little extra to get a job well done from a reputable company. Painting your house is not something that is always cheap therefore you must be ready to make an investment that will be worth every dollar. Quality work will cost you but you will also reap the benefits of a job well done and a beautiful home. With that in mind, when searching online for painting contractors do not get intimidated by their websites or million dollar homes that they’ve painted. Rather, be confident in making the call knowing that your home deserves the best painter in town.

  • Get at least 3 Estimates

Compare prices and see what each of the contractors has to offer. Your estimates should fall within the same price range. Keep in mind that not all painting contractors offer the same services so make sure that the estimate you receive has everything you’ve asked for clearly written out.

  • Pay Attention to Behavior & Interview Each Candidate

When meeting with a contractor pay attention to the following and ask these questions:

  1. How long they’ve been in business and if they are licensed, insured, and carry a bond.
  2. Ask for references and if they have written warranties after work performed
  3. Ask what products they use
  4. Is the contractor busy (good ones usually are)
  5. Does he give you a sense of professionalism and experience?
  6. Was he in a rush to leave or was he polite and took the time to answer every question?
  • Be specific about the Project and Review the Contract Carefully

The best thing to do is to walk them through each area you want painted and shows them what and how you want things done. Ask questions of how they’ll perform their job. Once you receive your contract review it carefully and make sure everything you’ve requested is clearly written. Make sure the following are listed:

  1. Details on preparation and clean up
  2. Paint colors of each area being painted and type of paint used
  3. How much time the project will take
  4. When and how the contractor will be paid

It’s good to trust your instinct, but it’s even better to do a bit of research before you decide who you’ll hire. Choosing the right contractor for your project will leave you satisfied and save you time and money in the long run.

House & Condo Painters is the perfect choice for painting your home beautifully. We use eco-friendly paints to add color to your home. Get in touch with us for interior home painting as well as exterior home painting services

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